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With the small confines regarding a C-Class motorhome, fixtures and fittings typically have numerous employs. Cupboard walls can be passages for wires, kick panels may be plenum ducts for heating or cooling methods and closet back-panels may disguise plumbing or propane pipework. Custom installers offer either individualized plus prefabricated TV and entertainment method cabinets, work stations, oven also refrigerator housings. Nevertheless, a competent household handyman along with comprehensive carpentry, plumbing plus electrical ability can make significant improvements to a Class-C motorhome so long being considerable planning goes into the project. If replacing damaged or outdated units the location is predetermined, but if you are trying to create additional closet or storage space look at the limit gaps beside beds with shirt closets and cubbyholes underneath fixtures for drawers or cabinet doors.


things you'll need:

Home toolkit Flat-pack cabinets Component supplies for damage fabrication (optional) Fasteners

1 Consider the weight regarding any potential purchase. Whether fabricating your own new cabinets from scratch or altering flat-bunch (set-to-assemble) units, the trade-off invariably has to be the quality of the supplies against the overall impact on gross car weight and fuel economy. While supplies these kinds of since sturdy oak panels plus marble countertops are desirable, their weight impact may be too excellent. Motorhomes.

2 Remove the old cabinets if replacing, or free up the space you will be using if installing original fittings. Remove shelf brackets, wall-mounted lights and window dressing supports.

3 Use a stud locator to locate everywhere your service hoops and lateral beams are located, also mark it using a permanent marker pen. Employ some wire locator to discover where each and every pipes or wires may be buried from the walls, and mark them using a several colored permanent marker pen. Ensure you drive no fasteners into the locations of the buried pipes and wires.

5 Consult your owner's handbook or contact the maker of the motorhome to find the supplies used to create your walls. Composite walls prefabricated from an external skin, some rigid central insulation panel and an internal veneer might be sturdy enough to assist relatively soft-weight cabinets. If your walls are supported by means of solid studs you can drill pilot holes and screw directly to them. If your motorhome is supported by hollow metal hoops and beams pressed from steel or aluminum tubing, you may be capable to exercise into them and use spring-activated expanding fasteners designed for sheetrock walls to hang significantly more weight.

6 Follow the manufacturer's assembly directions delivered by way of your new flat-pack cabinets, or fabricate your own using gentle, rigid two-by-two battens to construct a frame plus plywood for the panelling. Use countersunk pilot holes for the screws consequently you do will not pluck your clothing in the future when occupying the close confines of any C-Type RV. Finished wood doors and exterior panels can be sourced away from each residence improvement warehouse. Use countersunk fasteners to keep away from snagging on their exposed heads inside the close confines regarding the Category C motorhome. Ensure all drawers plus cabinet doors are fitted with locks or clasps to prevent it flying open when beneath way.

Tips & Warnings

Consider going wires regarding your own within or behind the new cabinets to operate incidental lighting or built-in music program speakers.


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